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Reliance Merchant Services provides credit card and debit card processing for businesses with in-house customer service. Our combination of people and technology delivers a customer service package that exceeds all competition.

RMS assists businesses of all sizes in accepting all major credit cards and debit cards via retail, internet and mail order solutions. At RMS, we understand and deliver the essentials in payment processing – efficiency, cost-effectiveness and the delivery of exceptional service to customers.

 Why Choose RMS: 

  • Cost Effective: Our pricing is better than any other industry provider.

  • Small Business Friendly:  We work with businesses of all sizes and understand the needs of Small Businesses.

  • Customer Service:  We pride ourselves on our face to face customer service.

As a small non-profit serving a much larger community, we need our credit card processor to offer us a competitive rate structure and to have a hands-on role in our daily business; RMS has done just that. From transitioning and integrating our new POS system, to adding our concession sales, RMS has been by our side, answering questions, solving problems, and supporting our mission. 

Allison Stockel — Executive Director, Ridgefield Playhouse

Products & Services

  Recurring Billing Solutions  

  Restaurant Online Ordering 

  Next Day Funding  

Increase your cash flow with this organizational tool that assures prompt payments. Whether your clients are billed monthly or occasionally, our recurring billing product can charge their credit card automatically, therefore conveniently taking away their bill clutter and burden. 



Our online ordering product is economical and completely user friendly. You can increase your average ticket size by offering a simple ordering system and have a marketing database at your fingertips. These orders are sent directly to your kitchen printer.


For qualified merchants, we are happy to offer next day funding. This is an exceptional tool for cash flow. Any Visa, MasterCard or Discover transactions before 5:30PM EST on any business day will fund directly into your bank account on the next business day.