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Recurring Billing Solutions

Whether your clients are billed monthly or occasionally, our recurring billing product can charge their credit card automatically, therefore conveniently taking away their bill clutter and burden. The program can be adjusted to each payer as needed or can be a tool that is used for one-time payments. Increase your cash flow with this organizational tool that assures prompt payments.

Internet Gateway Products for E-Commerce

Whether you need a shopping cart for a website, recurring billing for your clients, or an ACH Debit solution-our gateway products can work for all your needs.

Wireless Terminal Solutions

Although wireless terminals are not necessary for all businesses, when it is determined that wireless is your best option, we have stand alone products as well as laptop and cell phone wireless components for such occasions.

Restaurant Online Ordering

Our online ordering product is economical and completely user friendly. You can increase your average ticket size by offering a simple ordering system as well as attract new patrons with this technology. You can now have a marketing database at your fingertips. These orders can be faxed, emailed or sent to your kitchen printer depending on your preference.

ACH Debit Programs

Perhaps your business would benefit from setting up recurring ACH Debits from your client’s bank accounts? We have the answers in this simple and economical package. Depending on client participation, this can be more economical that accepting credit card payments.


Next Day Funding

For qualified merchants, we are happy to offer next day funding. This is an exceptional tool for cash flow. Any Visa, MasterCard or Discover transactions before 5:30PM EST on any business day will fund directly into your bank account on the next business day.

Reli-Bid Fundraising and Event Packages

Reli-Bid, LLC, a subsidiary of Reliance Merchant Services, is a boutique solution for fundraisers that offers both mobile and non-mobile packages.  It starts with a branded URL customized to the event.  The Reli-Bid platform includes all ticketing features, including table attendees, bidder numbers and sponsorship packages that can market items ahead of the event.  Reli-Bid can enter all auction items with graphics, pricing, and offer pre-bidding online.

Reli-Bid will provide all registration tablets, payment and auction equipment needed the night of the event.  An event foreman is provided and additional payment specialists are available upon request.  All registration data is securely stored and available the night of the event, enabling simple check-in and check-out.  This means no more lines!  And, real-time reporting is available for mobile bidding events.  Receipts for purchases include the donor’s IRS confirmation, eliminating post-event IRS form processing. Click here to read more about Reli-Bid.

Capital Funding

This is a short-term cash advance for businesses that cannot get such a short-term loan from a banking establishment. This is a great option for any business that has at least six months of credit card acceptance history. A business can get up to 100% of their 6-month MC/Visa monthly average. The fee of this advance in total is 18-25% of total loan (industry standard is 30-35%!). This advance will be deducted automatically out of credit card receivables on a daily basis for the 6 months.
Ex. A restaurant that averages $10,000 in MC/Visa per month can get an advance of $10,000. This advance will be paid back plus percentage fee over the next 6 months via credit card deposits.

FSA/HRA Payment Card Processing

We have solutions for any establishment that accepts Flexible spending account cards via software or equipment. Please call our office for more details on this healthcare industry product.

Check Processing /E-Checks Services

We have solutions for certain business that are accepting or looking to accept checks. This product is a tool for businesses that want check guarantee, protection from check fraud, or to eliminate physical bank deposits.